Agile Solutions, Personalized Service, Innovative Technology

Rio Grande Pacific Industrial Rail Services (RGPIRS) is a provider of intraplant switching for industries with safety being our number one priority.

We will provide trained personnel in all GCOR and Hazmat Training. Our employees will go through RGPC’s safety protocol and training, including additional training in our locomotive simulator.


Rio Grande Pacific Industrial Rail Services, a subsidiary of the diverse Rio Grande Pacific Corporation, is a nimble and adaptable company dedicated to providing personalized service in the industrial switching sector. We surpass larger competitors by excelling in efficiency and customer service, remaining easily accessible and responsive to clients' needs.

Our innovative technology, such as custom-built customer dashboards, offers real-time operational insights that empower clients to make data-driven decisions for improved performance and cost-effectiveness. In addition, we are equipped to maintain customer rail yards, supply and build new service tracks, and cater to all locomotive needs. As a smaller company, we deliver personalized service, operational efficiency, and cutting-edge technology solutions, along with agility, adaptability, and extensive industry expertise from our parent company.

Our commitment to client success makes us the ideal choice for industries seeking a reliable and forward-thinking rail service provider that can manage comprehensive rail operations. Experience the difference that our customer-centric focus can make in your rail operations.

RGPRIS Value Statement

Safety first: 

Always the #1 Rule in providing industry leading consulting and design services.


Maximizing productivity while minimizing costs for optimal rail operations.


Continuously exploring new technologies and processes to stay ahead of the curve.


Working together with clients and partners to achieve shared goals and success.


We are accountable for ourselves, our team, our clients and our company.


Embracing change and proactively adjusting to evolving industry needs and client expectations.

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