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Streamlined Industrial Logistics

Intraplant Rail Operations

We specialize in providing safe and reliable intraplant switching services for a variety of industries.

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Track Maintenance and Inspection

Our team offers expert track repair and inspection services, including tamper service and track expansion design and construction.

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Railcar Maintenance and Inspection

We provide mechanical railcar repair, maintenance, and inspection, including pre-tripping and cleaning services.

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Optimization Services

We help to increase track utilization, reduce demurrage expenses, and improve car utilization and dwell time.

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Customer Dashboard

We offer a comprehensive customer dashboard that provides real-time updates on car moves, inventory on hand, and dwell time, as well as coordination with connecting rail carriers.

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About Us

Efficient Rail Solutions

Rio Grande Pacific Industrial Rail Services (RGPIRS) provides significant value to our industrial customers through our expertise in rail logistics and operations. Our specialized knowledge and equipment allow us to optimize rail operations, improving efficiency and reducing downtime for our customers.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer. Our adaptability enables our customers to scale their operations and respond quickly to changing market conditions. Our solutions enable our customers to:

  • Enhance safety
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Elevate our clients' bottom line
  • Strengthen our clients' operating performance through analytics and reporting capabilities
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Track Supervisor | Macon, GA

Conductor / Engineer | Macon, GA

Track Supervisor | Bogalusa, LA

Conductor / Engineer | Bogalusa, LA